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CBD Reviews for PETs With Anxiety

 Before Suzie's CBD Treats, Bailey had strong stranger anxiety issues.  She would bark defensively when simply passing strangers on walks.  After a few weeks of using Suzie's drops, she is still cautious, however we have noticed a huge decrease in her anxiety levels.  We can now pass fellow walkers without a peep from her. Thank you Suzie's!
Bailey Testimonial.jpg
So here is Dex - also known as Sexy Dexy. He is a senior around 11 years young. We started giving Dex Suzie's CBD biscuits and oil for his anxiety and overall senior wellness. Dex tends to get pretty bad anxiety during storms and fireworks. He can also get anxiety when he knows the person on shift at the shelter is finishing up and about to leave.
Since giving Dex CBD we have noticed an improvement with his anxiety and if we know of a storm coming we may even give him a little extra. He is a very spunky boy and we hope that the CBD will keep him feeling good as he ages. Dex is adoptable through Mayday Pit Bull Rescue & Advocacy in Phoenix, Arizona.
Thanks to Suzie's CBD Treats, I don't cry when my mama leaves me anymore.  Many companies selling CBD products are using isolate.  These variations of CBD products do not meet the standards that we expect for our dog.  Thank you Suzies for ensuring we get the best quality product for our pets that actually work to help Marbles separation anxiety. 
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Suzie's CBD Treats are one of Sky's favorite treats. They have been really helpful with her anxiety and they have made going out and working on training a lot easier. She's able to relax and focus on me and not every sound and movement around us. We are so thankful for Suzie's!
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