OTHER Reviews of CBD for Pets

Chopper -Denver, Co

This is Chopper.  He is 9 years old.  Randomly his right eye sunk in and his third eyelid was showing.  I took him to the vet and they said he has Horners Syndrome and needed to be on an antibiotic.  He tried several strong antibiotics with no improvement.  We were told he would need a cat scan.  I decided to try Suzie's before I agreed to the cat scan. After 2 weeks of giving my dog Suzie's treats, his eye was almost back to normal.  I cannot believe the results. 

Ron T. Rock Springs, WY

Sam is a 25 year old BLM. Sam loves the treats, we can't keep him off me when I have them on me. Because of his age he has mobility and skin issues that the CBD horse treats help.