General Wellness Reviews

Lori D. ~Colorado

Foyt was heartworm positive and though he was treated successfully, there was lasting damage. He continued to have a cough and shortness of breath along with occasional persistent pant. Foyt would need to take the long term preventive "synthetic" measures. Not a fan, I turned to a natural treatment of CoQ10 and Suzie's. Two weeks into daily administration there was such a difference and I am happy to report that Foyt has been cough free, panting only occurs during long walks/hike, and no more shortness of breath. His disposition, energy, and all around well being has done a 180. Cannot thank you enough for your products. They gave this 2nd chance pup a fighting chance.


I highly suggest Suzie's.  They are super yummy and have so many benefits.  Mom gives me their CBD biscuits for general health and wellness.  She gives my sister CBD drops for her anxiety. Mom has noticed it has helped both of us so much.  We plan on keeping Suzie's as a part of our daily routine  now!


I highly suggest Suzie's. They are super yummy and have so many benefits. Mom gives me their CBD biscuits for general health and wellness. She gives my sister CBD drops for her anxiety. Mom has noticed it has helped both of us so much. We plan on keeping Suzie's as a part of our daily routine now!


Suzie’s is the best! Hands down. End of story. Their products are life changing for any fur friend and fur parents!  Our one-eyed Pug, Jack, absolutely loves the variety of treats and flavors (pumpkin is his favorite bedtime snack), they are a company that truly cares about the well being of dogs. Owning a Pug, means running into quite a few medical issues. Luckily, Suzie’s CBD treats are always there to help take the edge off or ease some of the pain. 


We also recently rescued a sweet Husky named Jon. He has been a dream dog except for his nightly separation anxiety while crate training. My wife and I were at a loss at what to do after many sleepless nights. So I started using some of Suzie’s CBD oil, and it’s worked wonders! Ever night he’s excited to get into bed and receive his apple flavored treat. 


I can not recommend Suzie’s enough! From the top down, this incredible company can change you and your pet’s lives for the better. Thank you, Suzie’s!!!


We put Suzie’s CBD drops in her treats and she never knows the difference! She gets to eat what she loves while getting a healthy CBD dosage to keep her wellness in balance. I love using Suzie’s because my animals are family to me. 

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The Parkhouse Family

Reggie is doing so well on Suzie's CBD treats, first time in his 13 months he has s not getting car sick! Now he is going all over town on hikes and swims with his brother, Rowan!  


My precious boy has been on stall rest for over 2 months with a shattered short pastern. The treats have helped him and he loves the taste!