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Can You Use CBD for Pain Management?

Labrador Retriever with cone collar fells pain-free after eating CBD treat.

What Can CBD Do For Pain In A Pet?

CBD may help lessen pain by acting on a variety of biological processes by acting as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

CBD has been seen to reduce pain by specifically encouraging the body’s receptors that interact with pain and inflammation to produce neurotransmitters known as endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids target inflammation and pain signals to regulate and keep them “silenced.”

French Bulldog feels safe and relaxed at the vet after taking CBD.


Side Effects

Because CBD is an organic substance, it can be a gentler pain management option compared to many others.

Typically, pets using CBD only see side effects if they are sensitive in the introduction phase or if they are given much more than needed. Even if they do experience these, the side effects often seen are only looser stool and lethargy.

Cat enjoying chin scratches.


Unlike some pain management options, CBD does not require a prescription and can be easily bought in stores or online. It also often costs less than prescriptions!

Additional Aid

Another benefit of using CBD for pain management is that it has supplementary properties that may help other areas of your pet’s health!

For example, the secondary cannabinoid CBN has been shown to offer antibacterial and neuroprotectant properties!

What to Choose

Our tinctures, which can be found here are great for chronic pain issues. For topical pain or to assist with joint pain, our salve can be a great option for relief.


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