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Can you Use CBD for Birds?

You may see plenty of dogs and cats on our page but many animals can make use of CBD to support their wellness.

Hemp is a great addition to a pet bird’s health regimen and supports many key needs specific to their lifestyles and well-being.

CBD for domesticated birds.

A Natural Choice

Wild birds will often seek out seeds, which are rich with omega-3 and fiber, in their environments.

All CBD oils must be mixed with a "carrier oil". Suzie's CBD Treats uses organic safflower oil as our carrier oil. This Safflower oil provides omega-3 fats and plenty of fiber to allow pet birds to get this natural nourishment that wild birds receive in their environment.

Did you know that birds seek out hemp seeds for their CBD content?

Pain and Inflammation

Birds experiencing pain may benefit from the introduction to CBD, especially as their smaller bodies can be more sensitive to pharmaceutical medications.

CBD targets receptors within the body to limit pain perception and start the downstream signaling of relief.

CBD can be used to replace some pharmaceuticals in small animals like birds.

Immune Boost

By managing inflammation and providing antioxidants, CBD oils can help protect and boost the immune system.

With a strong immune system, your bird is better equipped to fight common diseases like periventricular dilation disease, psittacosis, and polyomavirus.

Senior Birds

With proper care, many birds can live very long lives! CBD can help support birds in staying healthy and happy as they age.

CBD can help cognitive health through its elevation of serotonin and dopamine. Through the activation of these neurotransmitters, birds can experience elevated mod and motivation! This effect can also help birds of all ages with anxiety.

Additionally, aging birds require more omega-3 fats, which CBD provides!

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1 Comment

Laura Storm
Laura Storm
2 days ago

Hi all, what dosage would you recommend for birds? (I have smaller breeds, so dosage per 100g of weight would be ideal!)

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