CBD for Storm Anxiety

Updated: Oct 8

It can be so sad and frustrating to watch your pet during a bad thunderstorm. Some pets will pace, pant, cling to their owners, hide in the closet, or jam themselves behind the toilet. In severe cases, they'll claw through drywall, chew carpets, or breakthrough windows in their escalating panic.

In today's post, we want to share how CBD and other tools can help keep your pet feeling calm and safe through storms.

Safe over Sedated

Suzie’s CBD is a great option for those to looking to see their pet feeling safer during storms. CBD accomplishes this by interacting with the serotonin receptors to foster a sense of calm and wellbeing.

This sense of wellbeing keeps pets calm without sedating them, which often can cause confusion or a loss of their normal, unique personality!

CBD Tips

In order to see the best results, be sure to administer Suzie’s CBD with enough time beforehand. Typically, 30-45 minutes if possible. We also recommend introducing CBD before their first storm to increase effectiveness.

Because storms are high-stress situations, you may want to give a higher dose of CBD than you typically would. You may also want to do this if you only give CBD to your pets situationally.

Addtional Tools

In addition to CBD, there are several tools you can implement to help with storm anxiety. Using weighted blankets, interactive toys and storm jackets are a few examples of items that can help your pet.

A safe space during a storm is essential for helping your pet’s anxiety. Create an environment they are familiar with and play calming music or white noise to help them feel safer.

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