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How Long Do CBD Effects Last in Dogs & Cats?

In order to achieve the greatest results and to provide maximum relief, you have to understand the timing involved with CBD!

While the effects of CBD generally last 4-6 hours - your pet isn’t general!

Whether you use CBD for cats, CBD for dogs or CBD for your small animals - check out all the things to consider that influence how long you’ll see CBD’s effects!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier is going to eat Suzie's CBD treats with peanut butter.

What to Know

The period that the effects of CBD are present is called CBD’s half-life.

The half-life of CBD in most pets is about four-six hours, which means while CBD can be present in a pet’s system for twenty-four hours, but it may need to be present at a certain level to achieve desired benefits.

This means that even though you gave your pet CBD in the AM, the amount of CBD present in their system by the end of the day may not be enough to give them the desired amount of comfort they need without a PM dose.

Individualized Factors

Every pet is unique – so it makes sense that the longevity of CBD’s effects will be unique as well! Some of the factors that can influence the duration of effects include:

  • Body Weight

  • Diet

  • Activity Level

  • Biochemical Makeup

The ginger cat sniffs Suzie's CBD Bites for cats.

Frequency Factors

The frequency of CBD administration can also affect how long you will see the effects of CBD with your pet! Studies show that CBD builds up in your body over time and becomes more effective as a result of regular use!

If you only administer it occasionally, it’ll clear your pet’s system faster, so you may just need a bit higher of a dose!

Single-use: up to 3 days

Moderate use: 3 to 5 days

Repeated use: up to 10 days or more

Time Frame

The general amount of time the CBD’s effects are evident is 4-6 hours.

It is also important to note that the time these effects begin averages between 20 and 40 minutes!

This is important to keep in mind if you want to time the effects of CBD to work best for a car ride, walk, leave of absence, or another high anxiety event!

American Pit Bull Terrier can't wait to eat Suzie's CBD Treat.

Where to Find Us

You can find Suzie's CBD in various retailers, rescue shelters, and homes around the United States. The best way to order is directly through us at

as most orders go out next day and come right to you and your pets.

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