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Can You Use CBD for Reactivity Training?

Updated: Jul 25

Dogs on leashes introducing themselves to each other.

When you have a reactive dog, it can be heartbreaking and frustrating as you try to help them change their habits. At Suzie's, many of our own rescue dogs have had this challenge. Because of this, we hope we can help with first-hand knowledge.

CBD may or may not have been something you've considered using to help with reactivity training. We often are asked by weary pet parents, "can CBD really help with dog aggression?" The answer is yes.

Training and consistency go a long way when it comes to helping your dog calm down, but it doesn’t always work on its own. This is where CBD can help. The tireless training you have doubtlessly already put in is still what matters most but CBD is a tool that can help. CBD builds a foundation into your work by providing more relaxed and attentive listening from your dog.

This is because CBD's well-known calming properties can help reduce the fear that gets in the way of attention and causes reactivity in the first place.

Pairing with Your Training

If you decide to use CBD for your dog’s reactivity, it’s important to do training or behavior modification along with it. Dogs can develop coping mechanisms when they’re stressed, so the resulting behavior needs to be addressed.

CBD can be used alongside techniques that can help desensitize the dog to reactivity causes, so eventually, these habits can be trained out.

Creating Safety

CBD does not simply plow over your dog’s anxiety to sedate them. Instead, it works with the serotonin receptors to create a sense of well-being. This allows your dog to feel safe and counteracts the anxiety and fear reactivity they are experiencing.

Over time, your dog will remember they felt safe in the face of reactivity causes. This will build the confidence to see less fear and anxiety in these situations.

Hearing Your Commands

When dogs become reactive to other animals or stimuli it can cause anxiety and even a prey drive kick in and your dog can quickly become overwhelmed. Once a dog is in that state, it’s very hard to get them to listen.

CBD allows your dog to feel calm and safe enough to listen to the commands you are giving.

Canine experts have also found that dogs are so willing to please their owners, that they often feel bad when they sense they have disappointed you. As with all learning, there are bound to be moments when they do not respond as you would like them to. CBD can help lighten these feelings of shame so your pet can keep learning at your side!

Read our treat guide for information on what product from Suzie's Pet Treats might work best and our dosing information for how much to give!

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