How Do You Use CBD for Surgery Recovery?

Updated: Apr 27

Crate Rest

Many surgeries call for crate rest and a decreased activity level. CBD can help your pet feel safe and calm enough to spend more time in their bed or crate.

Pain Management

When your pet comes out of surgery, it is obvious to feel pain in the areas that were affected at the time of surgery. CBD oil is known for its extraordinary ability to deal with chronic as well as temporary pains of the body.

Hound recovering after the surgery in his crate feeling safe and calm thanks to CBD.

Faster Healing

Inflammation can cause the body to have a more difficult time healing. CBD’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties can help the body heal faster!

Immune System Boost

During times of recovery, the immune system can struggle. CBD regulates inflammation, immunity, and the protection of white blood cells to keep the immune system working smarter and keep your pet healing quickly.

Ginger cat laying on bed restfully after taking CBD.


Some pharmaceuticals assigned after surgery can cause nausea and an associated loss of appetite. CBD is a great option for fighting nausea and helping your pet feel well enough to eat.


Casts, wounds, and bandages can cause discomfort that makes sleep challenging. CBD for pets can help them feel comfortable and calm enough to get the rest they need while healing.

Suzie's blog is chock full of helpful information for pet owners wanting to try CBD no matter the case or instance. Read there for more insights on pets and CBD.

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