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CBD Treat Guide

Suzie's offers a variety of treats for different pets! This guide explains the benefits of each healthy pet treat and their delicious ingredients.

4 mg Hearts

The 4 mg hearts are Suzie's first and most popular products!

They are ideal for pups who like a crunchy treat.

The 4 mg hearts come in delicious original, peanut butter, apple, and pumpkin flavors.

2 mg Soft Chews

Suzie's 2 mg Soft Chews were made with dogs that need a softer bite in mind. Because of this, they are perfect for senior pets or those who have a difficult time chewing.

The Soft Chews come in 3 flavors your dog is sure to love - Chicken and Turmeric, Peanut Butter, and Carob and Beef Bone Broth.

Bites for Cats

Suzie's Bites for Cats are 1/2 mg, crunchy treats that provide an easy and interactive way to give your cat CBD!

Suzie's Bites for Cats are made with chicken and tuna for a taste that cats love!

2 mg Little Bites

Suzie's 2 mg Little Bites provide an ideal dosage and shape for smaller dogs that enjoy a crunchy treat!

The 2 mg Little Bites come in tasty apple, original, and pumpkin flavors.

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