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How to Maintain and Improve Your Dog's Skin Health

Healthy Skin tips for Dog Owners

Updated: March 22, 2024

Happy dogs are the best dogs. No one is at their happiest when their skin is peeling, hair falling out, and have so many scratches that it's hard to keep still. Tending to, and ensuring your dogs' skin is healthy and problem-free is an integral part of maintaining their overall well-being. Malnourished dogs, or dogs with poorly maintained coats are often itchy, shed more than is necessary, may be uncomfortable. That discomfort can lead to stress, something we detail in another blog post, read here.

The Proper Raw Canine Diet

Proper Canine Diet

Be sure to choose carefully and avoid foods with large amounts of fillers, poor quality protein, and significant amounts of artificial ingredients.

Consider integrating raw food into your dog's diet as it is high in moisture and provides essential oils, vitamins, and proteins that support skin health in canines! Of course, do your research, we're not here to suggest giving your pet just raw anything. Consult your veterinarian with any questions.

Dog taking CBD Drops

Pet Supplements

Omega-3 fatty acids like Fish oil and algal oil keep pets’ skin moisturized and healthy.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce itchiness and irritation. CBD also has been shown to help repair the natural skin barrier to aid in healing damaged skin. It should be mentioned that this is a topical use of CBD, by making use of an oil on the skin, as opposed to ingesting it via a treat or tincture.

Golden Retriever Getting a Bath

Bathing/ Grooming

Bathing your dog appropriately can eliminate dirt and debris buildup. However, if you bathe them too often you can dry out their skin and cause the oil glands to go into overdrive.

Create a brushing schedule that will work best for your dog’s specific coat type. Keeping a regular brushing schedule is one of the easiest ways to keep your dog’s skin healthy.

Bulldog waiting to be groomed

Treating Allergy Sources in Dogs

Often, the cause of skin and coat problems comes from allergies. While you can treat their allergy symptoms in many ways, determining and treating the allergy cause will lead to permanent healthy skin and a happier puppy.

Once you’ve determined the cause of allergies through testing/consulting with your vet, you can make lifestyle changes to help your pet!

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