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Gift Ideas for Dog Parents

Shopping for a gift for the person who has everything? Or maybe for someone whose dog is their child? We have you covered with a list of amazing gifts for pet parents from mission-minded companies!

You can feel good about these gift ideas for your dog-loving friends! Each company listed has a commitment to helping animals in need of rescue, assistance, or advocacy around the world, something we value at Suzie's Pet Treats.

Matching Dog PJs

two pitbulls in matching dog pajamas

Do you know someone who loves being cozy, matching with their dog, or both? Look no further than PB+Jammies for snuggly PJs in original designs made for matching!

PB+Jammies offers comfortable, unisex pants and matching dog pajamas made with patented custom 4-way stretch material.

PB+Jammies was started after the founder had a hard time finding something to cover her foster dogs with skin issues. After cutting up all of her tee shirts, she made a pattern that will fit everyone.

In addition to the comfort offered, PB+Jammies is unique for their adorable artwork and color selection.

When you purchase from PB+ Jammies, they donate a percentage of the sale to Dog Rescue.

Leashes Made from Rope and Carabiners

dog leashes made from carabiners

Pack Leashes is a small business not too far from Suzie's own office space! They take carabiners and dynamic climbing ropes and make them into sturdy leashes and collars for your pets. Have a friend that loves rock climbing and their dog? Or a friend who needs a sturdy leash for their sturdy dog? You couldn't find a better gift for them than an item from Pack Leashes!

Pack Leashes has a mission to feed as many dogs as possible. With the help of their customer's purchases, they have been able to donate over 200,000 meals of dog food to shelter pups in need. 200,000 meals and counting!

Collars and Leashes

harry potter dog collar

WafflesnCo is the passion project created to support special-needs foster animals. Chay, the owner, makes the wonderful collars, leashes, and other accessories you will find on her online Etsy store.

The designs featured include adorable food items, cartoon characters, nature elements, and more! If you have a friend who loves Harry Potter almost as much as their dogs, then this is the one-stop shop you need! WafflesnCo has a large assortment of Harry Potter-themed items for the magic lover in your life.

When you shop Waffles n Co you are supporting a family of rescues and medical-need fosters.

Healthy Meal Toppers

bone broth gift set

If you have a health-conscious pet owner or one with a dog that could use a bit of a boost - Brutus Bone Broth meal toppers and treats could be the perfect gift! Each Brutus Bone Broth product offers the purest ingredients fortified with powerful joint supplements! Let the pet lover in your life know that you care about their pup's health with this tasty and helpful gift.

Brutus Bone Broth has made giving back an essential component of their mission. Together with their Kid Committee (their mentorship program for kids) the Brutus Broth team is always actively supporting animals. They provide monetary and product donations for shelters and rescues in need and also give their time to volunteer.

Fashion for a Cause

rescue dog wearing pajamas

Fur Rescue Fashion is THE place to shop for the fashionable dog parents in your life!

Rooted in giving back to our communities, Fur Rescue Fashion is committed to helping dogs in need while educating the public on the wonders of adoption and rescue. They began their business to help end stereotypes around bully-breed dogs. Their goal is that dogs with negative stereotypes may have more chances for perspective-changing interactions if dressed in adorable clothing!

Fur Rescue Fashion offers all kinds of adorable accessories. You can find cute collars, bows, flowers, pajamas, and even costumes for dogs right in their online shop. Their designs are unique, creative, and responsibly sourced.

A large percentage of their monthly profits are donated to a different rescue organization each month. Some of their rescue partners include Vindicated Pit Bull Rescue and The PAWerful Rescue.

Doormats for Dog Lovers

dog door matts

Benson Threads is a small business making t-shirts, water bottles, ornaments, houseware, and welcome mats. Their products make great pet parent gifts for those who love to adorn their home with their love of animals!

Benson Thread offers many great pet-related products for you to check off multiple pet parents on your gift list. The Suzie's team especially loves their welcome mats - so much so that we have three at our warehouse! They are adorable and sturdy for use with muddy paws.

Owner Alisha and her dog Duke are superheroes of the advocacy world. They visit hospitals and events to offer Duke’s comforting skills as a service animal and to promote bull breed advocacy.

Healthy, Eco-Friendly Treats

colorado organic dog treat bags

WinnieLou is a great source for the food-motivated pups in your life! You can give the gift of tasty food while knowing they are healthy, organic dog treats and supports a small business that provides for non-profits!

WinnieLou crafts their treats to be tasty while addressing the health concerns of their owners. They source local and sustainable proteins and produce to make their tasty treats.

WinnieLou donates 3% of its proceeds to a different canine-related non-profit each quarter. Some of their non-profits include PawsCo animal rescue and Pours 4 Paws.

Tuff Toys for a Good Cause

dolphin llama and salmon dog toys

Fluff & Tuff toys are great gifts for friends with playful pups! They will look adorable as a gift and are made of quality materials with thoughtful construction methods - making them some of the most durable plush toys available!

Fluff & Tuff also gives back with a product and monetary donations to dogs around the country. They seek out smaller rescue organizations, shelters, and clubs that can benefit from their donations in order to do the most good.

Each year around the holidays, Fluff & Tuff creates and sells a special holiday toy and they donate 100% of the profits made to the purchase of dogs in need of food. What is better than giving a gift that creates double the happiness?

Socks for Dogs

non slip socks for dogs in blue and black

Giving the gift of Woodrow Wear socks is a gift of care. If you have a friend with a senior pup these non-slip socks can be a great way to show you are thinking of them (especially if they have hardwood floors).

Power Paws creates durable, non-slip socks to help pets from slipping, provide traction for dogs with hip dysplasia or arthritis, protect paws from heat, snow, or allergens and keep paw wounds clean.

Woodrow Wear was founded to help dogs and they have continued that mission throughout their success. They give back to their local community, non-profits, rescues, and shelters with fundraising efforts. They also donate any returned items to shelters!

enriching treats

jones natural dog chews

Do you have a friend who could use some distraction for their pup? Jones Natural Chews are a great, quality chew to keep dogs busy and keep their teeth clean in the process!

Jones Natural Chews Co. produces100% of their products in the US. They also use in-house and third-party product testing and HACCP plan guidelines to ensure each batch of products meets their standards of quality.

Jones is dedicated to giving back through supporting non-profit organizations and philanthropic events that help dogs in need. They do so by providing donations of their treats and monetary donations. On the Jones website, they list over 30 regular donation partners!

lifestyle for dog lovers

dog hat dog coffee mug dog coffee gift bundle

Dog is Good creates products that celebrate the joy of a human and dog bond. They have plenty of items to choose from to suit any dog lover in your life!

Dog is Good was created by a husband and wife team in 2005 while living in Washington state. The two loved dogs and wanted to create quality products that gave humor and heart to what it means to be a dog person.

Dog is Good cares so deeply about giving back that they created the Dog is Good for Good Foundation - a 501(c)(3) non-profit that helps dogs and the people who care for them. They donate and volunteer to shelters, therapy organizations, and other pet-related missions in pursuit of their goal to make the world a better place for dogs and dog people.

The gift of calm

a bottle of oil three treat bags and a peanut butter jar

It only seems fair to include Suzie's in this gift guide! Our treats, salve, decorative tins, and peanut butter make for great gifts or stocking stuffers. What other gift allows pet parents to see a more relaxed, healthy dog?

Send us a message and we will help you pick out the perfect Suzie's product for your friend's pup - without ever having to give away the surprise of your present!

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