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How Does the Suzie's to the Rescue Donation Program Work?

The Suzie’s to the Rescue program was created to provide reoccurring, bulk donations to shelters and rescues in all 50 states.

This program aims to provide quality CBD products to animal welfare organizations to assist them in their goals of getting animals into forever homes and create healthy dogs and healthy cats!

Dogs in a shelter hoping they are going to be adopted and get a new home.

How it Works

Shelters and rescues are selected based on outreach from customers and a search to find groups that are most in need.

Each state (excluding our state of Colorado which has several) has 1-3 organizations that receive these reoccurring donations. New shelters are selected at the start of each year or if an opening occurs in each state.

After that, the organizations are sent out specifically made bulk CBD treats and tinctures, as well as dog treat variety pack for adopters!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier is feeling happy with his new owner.

Use in Shelters

CBD can be an extremely beneficial tool for shelters and rescues.

CBD can be used to help keep newly brought-in animals calm while performing vital surgery and grooming work.

It is also valuable for helping pets meet potential adopters. Often, the stress of a new environment with other animals around can stress out pets. However, CBD can keep them calm enough to show their true, wonderful personalities to potential families!

Kitten feels safe and calm in his crate after taking CBD.

Use in Forever Homes

Suzie’s also sends sample bags to the shelters and rescues in our Suzie’s to the Rescue program.

These sample bags are for new pet parents to take home. This way, they have something to help keep their new family member feel safe and calm as they adjust to their new environment! In a sense, your home is your pet's forever home, and while they're probably adjusted by now, there are still situations and environments that can make a dog or cat, not to mention many other animals feel uncomfortable. Read our blog for more information on potential pet stressors and successful methods of restoring your pet to the cool collected animal they are, not all involving CBD.

Suzie's Pet Treats is all about natural foods that provide comfort if not other benefits to pets all around the United States. If you're a shelter in need, consider reaching out, and if you're a pet parent, recent or long-time, we hope you'll consider Suzie's for your pet treats.

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How can our rescue become part of this program? We are out of CT. Thank you!

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