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How Can you use CBD as a Training Tool?

Training your pet is an act of love that allows you both to have the best life together! However, training and working on behavioral challenges can be stressful. CBD can be an amazing tool in stress-free, memorable training sessions for you and your pet!

Using CBD to help your dog focus during training.

How to Use CBD For Training A Dog

To get the best results from your CBD, be sure to administer it at least 30 minutes before the training session begin! This is if you want the session as a whole to be held under the effects of CBD. This is good for a dog that can become easily stressed out. If your training will involve loud noises, or other things that may otherwise frighten them, this becomes a bit more of an ally.

You can also use CBD Treats as a reward during the training session. When the dog performs well, accomplishes their task, or behaves as desired, slip them a treat so they know you approve. This will keep up the positive effects if CBD was administered beforehand. You can't overdose a dog with CBD but keep in mind that some moderation is key here. No dog is going to do tricks if they're too relaxed.

Boy using CBD treats to Train puppy.

How CBD Helps with Training Sessions

CBD can boost serotonin levels, help memory, improve mood, and decrease stress. It can also alleviate symptoms of many physical problems like pain that can contribute to reactivity, anxiety, and aggression.


Pets can feel anxiety for many reasons during training sessions. You may be challenging behaviors born from trauma or fear. Your pet may also feel anxiety just by trying to please their human, and falling short of success can accentuate feelings of stress and anxiety.


CBD’s ability to help improve memory and keep your pet calm can help remain focused on you and the training instead of becoming easily distracted or reactive.

CBD helps with reactivity training for dogs

Training for Reactivity

Fear and stress are natural biological responses when there is a perceived threat to an animal’s safety and wellness. Because of this, pets that may be frightened by people or other animals may have reactivity.

CBD can help in reactivity training by providing a greater sense of well-being and safety. This is critical as the core of reactivity training is teaching your pet that they can feel safe around others so that they do not have to react. Check out Suzie's CBD for dogs now!

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