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Why is Baltimore a Dog Friendly City?

Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland, so you can count on seeing plenty of pups there! In the last several years Baltimore has been rated as one of the top friendly cities for dogs and that reputation only continues to grow! With Baltimore's spacious harbor neighborhoods, waterfront dog parks, and easy access to dog friendly bars and restaurants - you will find it is a great place to explore with your four-legged friend!

In this blog, we outline some of the neighborhoods, parks, activities, and regulations that have given Baltimore it's welcoming reputation for pups!

dogs in baltimore

Dog Friendly Neighborhoods in Baltimore

Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington is a favorite neighborhood for families of dog lovers. Because Mt. Washington favors a suburban-style setup, there is plenty of room to walk and play with your pup.

Mt. Washington is also a great neighborhood because of the numerous outdoor attractions. Paw Point dog park, Bark Park, Lake Roland Park, and the Mt. Washington Arboretum are just a few of these popular spots.

The area also offers multiple veterinary offices, including a 24-hour emergency facility. Those looking for pet supplies won’t have to go far with two right on nearby Smith Avenue!


Not too far from Locust Point is the neighborhood of Canton. Canton is a great neighborhood for those that prioritize walkability for their healthy dog! Spots like the Canton Waterfront Dog Park, the Patterson Park dog park, the Baltimore Waterfront Promenade as well as many dog-friendly restaurants and bars are all within walking distance. Many owners also remark on how many of these walkable spots are waterfront!

Two veterinarians and a neighborhood pet store supplying natural dog treats (Loyal Companion) can be found in Canton.

Locust Point

Locust Point is a beloved neighborhood for many in Baltimore. Locust Point can be found sitting on the harbor and features many historic locations. Locust Point is well-known as a haven for dog owners, you can’t go far there without seeing plenty of pups!

Locust Point is considered affordable and many of the homes have small backyards for pet owners! It is also well-loved because it offers Latrobe Dog Park, Riverside Park, a paved trail around Fort McHenry,

Several veterinarians are located in the neighborhood for your convince, as well.

best baltimore dog parks

Great Parks for Pups

Baltimore has plenty of green spaces for you to take your dog for a fun, comfortable walk as you explore the city! One of the reasons for Baltimore's growing reputation as a favorite place for pet parents is that it has nearly doubled it's amount of dog parks in recent years!

We’ve compiled some of the most loved of these parks below.

· Inner Harbor Promenade

Looking for a lengthy, beautiful, and historic walk? Inner Harbor is a 7-mile paved promenade that winds around the harbor from Locust Point to Fell’s Point.

· Canton Waterfront Park

If you’re looking for a park that offers off-leash play for your pup, Canton Dog Park is for you! You can enjoy a picnic in the 8 acres of Canton Waterfront Park then head across the street to the Canton Dog Park to let your pup off-leash and play with others! This dog park is set up to have both small and large breed dog areas for extra peace of mind.

· Patterson Park

Located in Baltimore’s historic art district, Patterson Park is a favorite for locals! You and your pup can take a great stroll through Highlandtown and the Patterson Park Observatory on your way to the dog park. The Patterson Park dog park features AstroTurf, big/little dog areas, and wading pools for summer days.

baltimore dog friendly activities

Dog Friendly Activities

You don't have to leave your dog at home to enjoy a great day out in Baltimore! Baltimore offers many pet-friendly activities for adventures of all kinds. Below, we have listed some of the top-rated dog-friendly activities from Baltimore locals!

Cruises on the Bay

Always felt that the perfect day on the water was just missing your dog? With Cruises by the Bay, you can have it all!

Spend your day in the sunshine on a dog-friendly Watermark yacht on the harbor & the Patapsco River! Dogs on leashes are welcome on most public cruises without an additional fee, but check their website to be sure before you head out.

Baltimore Ghost Tour

If you’ve ever been curious about the haunted history but would feel a little braver with fido in tow – Baltimore Ghost Tours has you covered. Join them on their Fells Point GhostWalk or the Mount Vernon GhostWalk to hear about the history and lore of Baltimore. Pets must be leashed on the tour but are welcome!

Marshy Point Nature Center

Give your dog plenty to sniff by taking them to this pet-friendly nature center. Marshy Point is built along the Dundee and Saltpeter Creeks and offers plenty of hiking trails. The nature center also hosts pet-friendly events year-round like their Full Moon Frog Hike.

how to register your dog in Baltimore county

Responsible Regulations

Baltimore is known for being a dog friendly city for the spaces that welcome them, but also for the responsible rules and regulations in place to ensure all dog owners and dogs are kept safe and happy. Some of those rules and regulations are:

-Baltimore has a leash law in place unless you are on your own property or at a dog park

-All dogs must be registered within four months or within 30 days of moving to the city

-Dogs older than four months must get their rabies vaccine

Wondering how to register your dog in Baltimore county? We have you covered!

The time for a first-time application is July 1st through June 30th. The registry renewal time is between May 1st and June 30th. You can apply online, through the mail, or in person. You will need to pay a license fee and provide proof of rabies.

Looking for Suzie's products near Baltimore? Find Suzie's products at your favorite Baltimore pet stores including Howl, Mutt Market, and more!


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