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Meet Dr. Judy Jasek

Using the knowledge gained in her 30+ years of practicing, Dr. Judy has developed a unique whole-body approach to both treating and preventing cancer. She looks at the whole animal and supports the natural healing ability of the body with proper nutrition, detoxification, and eliminating the underlying causes of disease. She then uses tools such as ozone, herbs, CBD, essential oils, and whole food supplements to optimize the health of the body and help it to eliminate the disease.

Judy has been a long time supporter of Suzie's CBD Treats, saying, "There are, however, some very important considerations when choosing a CBD product. They are not all created equal, and to a large extent, you do get what you pay for. Diligence in raising the plants and proper extraction techniques will have a huge impact on the efficacy of the final product."

-Dr. Jasek

You can find more information about Dr. Jasek and her practice at

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