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What Signs Show a Dog is Stressed?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

A significant factor in successful CBD use is knowing when your pet may need it most. Understanding the signs of stress and what to look for can let you get ahead of it and give you the best opportunity to alleviate any strain!

Stress and Depression in Dogs.

Changes in Behavior

You know your dog best and changes in their behavior are probably the first things you will notice if they are stressed. Some of the signals below are good indicators of a change in behavior due to tension, but if your dog is acting differently in general make sure to note it!

Pacing: Just as humans often pace when they are nervous, dogs may also excessively pace if they are feeling tension.

Hiding or Escaping: Hiding behind their owners or furniture or escaping through digging or evading their owners.

Reactivity: Reacting (or overreacting) to stimuli that they normally wouldn’t.

Infographic explaining the steps of changes in behavior for dogs.

Body Language Signals

Your dog communicates with you and others through body language. Knowing what to look for will help you know if your dog is stressed! Review the images below to get a better idea of what to look for in a dog that may be frazzled.

Reading aggressive body language of dogs infographic.

Reading fear body language of dogs infographic.

Stress in the Body

If you see your pup exhibiting any of the following in excess, it may be sign of distress. Some of the following however are normal behaviors as well, so we're looking for changes, increases, or emerging behaviors among those in the following list:










Looking out for these signs will let you help your pup as effectively and quickly as possible! To add CBD to your care plan visit our CBD products for dogs page.

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