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11 Dog Friendly Activities in Denver, CO

If you are looking for dog-friendly things to do and places to visit with your dog in Denver, Colorado, this blog is for you. We have already covered Denver’s best dog-friendly bars, so today we are looking at unique indoor activities for dogs.

dog at denver bouldering club gym

Denver Bouldering Club

Denver Bouldering Club is a personal favorite of the members here at Suzie’s CBD Treats. Denver Bouldering Club proudly calls themselves the “dog-friendliest climbing gym” and we have to agree!

Denver Bouldering Club warmly welcomes well-behaved dogs to their climbing gym. The gym is also a great place to come regardless of your experience level – as long as you’re interested in climbing there is room for you!

You are welcome to come and give rock climbing a try – Denver Bouldering club will set you up with the gear and guidance you need. If you end up digging it (as we know you will) you can purchase a membership for months of fun in the future.

Be sure to also check out their events schedule as they are always offering fun activities like yoga and competitions!

88 Drive-In Theater

Located just north of Denver in Commerce City, Colorado the 88 Drive-in Theater is the perfect place to watch movies with your dog!

The family-owned theater keeps beloved cinematic traditions alive by being the last remaining drive-in located in the Denver metro area. The 88 is open seasonally on the weekends and features movies on a giant screen with an up-to-the-minute projector showing 35mm film.

You may have to bring snacks for your dog, but the staff of the 88 is happy to help provide movie goodies from their snack bar.

dog doing colorado history ghost tour

Denver Terrors Tour

If you are looking for a truly unique downtown, pet friendly activity look no further than Denver Terrors Tour, hosted by Colonial Ghosts LLC. This spooky tour takes you down to Denver’s Millionaire’s Row neighborhood to learn the haunted history of the city.

The tour takes you to visit 8-13 sites around the Capitol Hill area and is happy to welcome leashed, well behaved dogs to join in on the fun.

Whether you are in Denver for vacation or a resident looking to learn about a different side of Colorado, the Denver Terror Tours are a great dog friendly event to try!

Paint Like Bob Ross – Arvada

If you have a chill dog keen on soothing voices and “happy little trees” they may enjoy coming along as you take a Bob Ross painting class!

Run by Colorado local Hope Blakely, the Bob Ross style class allows you to learn to paint in the style of beloved art icon Bob Ross. The classes are roughly 4 hours and welcome artists 14 years old and up. You can be an avid painter or a novice – all are encouraged to come join in the fun!

After getting prior approval from Hope, dogs are allowed to join you!

dog friendly denver colorado garden stores

City Floral Garden Center

Denver’s City Floral Garden Center is the perfect place to bring your dog to smell the roses. Leashed, well behaved dogs are allowed can wander all that City Floral Garden Center has to offer.

City Floral Garden Center is a unique store in that it is the only full-service, year-round garden center in Denver. They also are one of the oldest as they have been selling plants to Colorado residents since 1911!

Dog owners report that the activity of the Garden Center is a great place to practice your dog’s manners and attentiveness. They also say that City Floral Garden Center staff members are always excited and welcoming to their four legged visitors!

Wilderness Exchange

Do you have a dog that hikes or loves to join you camping? Bring them to the Wilderness Exchange store for a chance to cool off (or warm up!) indoors for some shopping.

The shop is a dog friendly outdoor outfitter with all the outdoor gear you could need. All the items sold are new or lightly used as to offer sustainable and affordable options!

dog friendly pool in englewood colorado

Canine and Conditioning Rehabilitation Group

Colorado can be a hard place to find swimming spots but CCRG offers just that for your pup. Seven days a week you can visit for heated, recreational swimming in their pool for pups. They provide both open swim times where you can share with other pet parents or you can reserve the pool for private use.

Doggie life vests are available for those just learning how to swim!

Denver Comedy Lounge

The Denver Comedy Lounge is a great place to see both local and national talent and spend the evening in stitches. They offer dog friendly shows and events so that your dog doesn’t have to miss out on the fun!

dog friendly stores at denver 16th street mall

16th Street Pedestrian Mall

If you love to shop and are looking for dog friendly stores in Denver, then the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall is the place for you. The 16th Street Mall is a mile long strip packed with beautiful shopping, restaurants, and attractions.

As you walk with your dog, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery as the mall was designed by famous architect I.M Pei. As you stroll you can stop in at several pet-friendly stores and sidewalk cafes that are included in the mall.

Pirate’s Cove Doggie Plunge

Located in Englewood, just south of Denver, is Pirate’s Cove Water Park. At the end of every summer, the water park offers a special dog day. This event is one you will not want to miss. Owners are invited to bring their dogs for the water park’s last hurrah before closing for the cooler months. Throughout this day the park offers all kinds of activities including swimming lessons, recreational swims, and contests. You can also find vendors on the patio selling everything from pizza to dog biscuit flavored yogurt.

dog at red rocks

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red Rocks Amphitheater is known for its incredible concerts but is also a popular spot to visit during the day. As long as your pup is leashed you are welcome to explore Red Rocks Amphitheater and its trails! There are plenty of great hiking paths to explore the stunning geological scenery and lovely spots for a pup picnic.

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