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How do You Board An Anxious Dog?

Leaving your pet with a caregiver while you are away can be hard for both of you! This blog provides tips on how to set both your pet and their sitter up for success.

Blue eyed Australian Shepherd in a carrier.


Always be sure to provide detailed instructions when asking your pet’s caregiver to administer supplements or medications.

You will also want to pack a few extra administrations as a backup just in case your pet needs them. This may not apply to medications that you give on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on how long you'll be gone, but any calming treats or otherwise will be a good thing to have a hefty stock of.

Instructions to administer CBD supplements or medications to your pet infographic.

Familiar Items

If your pet is not staying at home while you are away, bringing some familiar items can be a great comfort to them, not just limited to toys! Providing your pet with their usual food and treats make them happy, but it will also help provide some stability to their routine.

Leave an unwashed t-shirt or blanket with your scent on it with your dog so that they can be comforted by your scent.

Dog feeling safe with his favorite toys

Relaxed Departure

Your pet can quickly and easily pick up on your emotions. If you’re feeling anxious about leaving them, they will echo those misgivings. and feel nervous too about you leaving. Maintain your calm and confidence as best you can to let help them feel the same!

This is also a great time to provide CBD to your pet to help in keeping them calm! Be sure to give your pet CBD 30-60 minutes before you leave.

CBD can help keep your dog calm during baths after boarding


Keeping your pet’s mind busy while you’re gone is a great idea to help combat separation anxiety.

Toys like Snuffle Matts, puzzles, or hollow toys that you can put peanut butter in are a great idea! Peanut better is even better from Suzie's, as we've infused hemp oils to create a human grade CBD peanut butter than anyone can love, but especially your dog.

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