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Where to Adopt a Puppy in Denver?

If you are looking for a place to adopt a puppy or dog in Denver we have you covered with affordable, ethical rescue groups. Through the Suzie's to the Rescue donation program, we have been lucky enough to meet incredible shelters and rescues in all 50 states. But of course, we know those in our own state of Colorado the best!

The shelters and rescues on this list are ones we have either worked directly with these rescues by providing donations or that we have heard praises for from our local customers. One of the Denver animal rescues mentioned is even where we adopted one of the Suzie's office dogs, Ayla, from!

If you don't see a shelter or rescue on this list that fits your needs or if you are looking for one out of state, please reach out to us and we would be happy to help you find one with the use of our experience!

Foothills Animal Shelter

rescue dog at golden Colorado animal shelter

Foothills Animal Shelter, located in Golden, Colorado, is the only full-service shelter in the Jefferson County area! They are an easy 15-minute drive from the downtown Denver area. We have personally worked with their team for auctions and other fundraising opportunities and can say firsthand that they do amazing work!

One specialty of the Foothills Animal Shelter is that they often are able to provide transportation and staff to transfer in animals from other states that are experiencing overpopulation challenges.

You can rest assured the best care is given to the animals at their facility as they are members of the Socially Conscious Animal Welfare Organization which sets standards involving medical, behavioral, and need-based assessments for each animal.

You can visit the Foothills Animal Shelter adoption centers daily from 10 am to 5 pm!


pitbull at denver animal rescue

PawsCo is based out of the Denver area and operates through its team of 300 dedicated volunteers, 40 leadership volunteers, and 8 board members.

PawsCo fills an important role in Colorado's rescue community by taking in animals from partner shelters that don't do well in a shelter setting and/or who do not have adoption options through the shelter. This is vital as many animals do not truly transform into their true selves until they are outside of the hustle and bustle of a shelter setting.

The PawsCo's mission considers all aspects of rescue work and includes the live-saving work of adoption, fostering, community-based programs, and food drives. They are able to provide food to families and animals in the Colorado area by partnering with the Food Bank of the Rockie's!

PawsCo has very reasonable adoption fees considering all they provide! PawsCO will spay and neuter, microchip, heartworm test, deworm and vaccinate for bordetella, DA2PP, and rabies prior to adoption.

PawsCo has no physical shelter or adoption center location, if you are interested in meeting an adoptable animal check out those available on their website and fill out an application! Their adoption team will contact you to set up a meeting from there.

Life is Better Rescue

adoptable puppy at lakewood animal rescue

Life is Better Rescue, based out of Lakewood, Colorado takes on a holistic approach to rescue. Life is Better provides spaying and neutering to reduce overpopulation, works with municipal shelters in transferring so the risk of disease is minimized, and makes sure each adoptable animal goes to the best possible home.

When adopting a puppy from Life is Better Rescue you know they will be starting off on the best foot! The foster families in Life is Better Rescue provide potty training and instruction in general manners. If any behavioral issues arise they also perform in-depth training to help that dog to the best of their ability.

Life is Better is a foster-based rescue so their adoptable animals can be found all over Colorado in loving foster homes. Please note that animals are only adopted one at a time and you will need to provide vaccination records if you have others at home.

You can see the animals available for adoption through their social media and either make an appointment to meet them or visit a partner PetSmart adoption store during an adoption event.

2 Blondes All Breeds (BABR)

rescue cattle dog in shirt

This rescue is dear to our hearts as it is where we adopted Suzie’s first office dog – Ayla! They serve the Metropolitan areas of Denver, Ft. Collins, and Colorado Springs.

2 Blondes All Breeds Rescue specializes in getting animals out of high-kill, overpopulated shelters. Since their conception in 2015, 2 Blondes All Breeds has rescued, fostered, and adopted over 10,500 animals.

It is of note that you must be at least 25 years of age and meet the other requirements listed on their website to adopt a pup from this Denver-based animal rescue. If you do meet the application requirements, you will want to send in an application to meet your potential pup at an adoption event (puppies only) or their foster home!

A Friend of Jack

rescue puppies at denver animal shelter

A Friend of Jack is one of the newest rescues Suzie's has added to our donation program after a reach out from one of their dedicated volunteers!

A Friend of Jack is a foster-based 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue dedicated to finding loving, lasting homes for unwanted dogs and puppies. It was founded by a single pet parent with a great love for the dogs of Colorado. Most all of the volunteers work double time with day jobs and their dedication to the rescue.

A Friend of Jack Rescue adopts to applicants over the age of 21 who make a good fit with the individual personality of the desired pup. They are located in Colorado, specifically the greater Denver and surrounding areas.

Animal Rescues of the Rockies

adopt puppy in denver on a blanket

Animal Rescue of the Rockies is a fantastic organization that we have worked with here at Suzie's for many years. We have worked with them for fundraising events and in support of their thrift shop in Breckenridge which provides funds for the organization's mission.

Founded in 2003 by a group of friends who wanted to provide an alternative option for pets in shelters, ARR has since found homes for over 10,000 dogs and cats to date. The group of foster homes provides crucial socialization for rescue animals so that they can get adopted and acclimated much more easily.

ARR also carries their mission on by working with rescues in surrounding states. They provide transport and foster services for pets in need from across state borders.

You can see their adoptable dogs and cats on their website and send in an adoption application to arrange a meeting with a potential new best friend on their website. It is important to know that adoptions are final after the pet has stayed in your home for a week and complete a follow-up visit by a member of the Animal Rescue of the Rockies group.

Planned Pethood International

small dog adoptable at shelter in mans arms

Planned Pethood is a neighbor of Suzie's with one of their clinics located here in Wheat Ridge, Colorado! Although it was founded in 1990 in Denver, Planned Pet has now become a national organization.

Planned Pethood offers comprehensive and complete services to help further its mission of ending economic euthanasia and significantly reducing pet overpopulation. They provide education, affordable veterinary medicine, foster homes, adoptions, and low-cost spay/neuter clinics.

You can browse their adoptable animals on Petfinder and find adoptable dogs and cats at their rescue boutique which carries the best in food and supplies!

Their adoption location can be found at 4595 Harlan Street. Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 6 am and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am and 3 pm.

Looking to learn more about Suzie's shelter program? Read about it here!

Looking for Suzie's CBD treats in a Colorado store near you? Head to our store locator!

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