Why Does Color & Consistency Vary in Organic CBD Oil?

Updated: Apr 27

Here at Suzie's, we keep our products as natural as possible. We believe nature knows best when it comes to plant-based medicine! Because of this, our products will always be full-spectrum and USDA organic. With real, organic products like ours, you may see color and clarity variations from time to time. While these appearances vary you can be certain effectiveness never does!

Color Variations

There are several factors that can cause the color of CBD oil to vary. One of these factors is the extraction process. The extraction process can play a significant role depending on the method, environment, and equipment used. Suzie's uses food-grade, USDA organic ethanol for our extraction process. Ethanol is a solvent made by plants for plants, therefore, it is the best method for preserving the natural constituents of the plant!

Other factors that can cause color variations include the growing methods, carrier oil, and additional ingredients used. At Suzie's, our farmers follow USDA organic guidelines to ensure that all of our growing practices remain natural and safe. We also ensure a USDA organic safflower carrier oil and the promise to never include any additional ingredients or additives to our products.

Difference in color between Suzie's Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Isolated Oil infographic.

Role of the Full Spectrum Distinction

A full spectrum product includes all of the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids that mother nature intended to be used together.

They will have a golden to golden-green color because they are processed as little as possible. The darker this color appears indicates the greater amount of chlorophyll is in the oil.

Isolate products tend to be clear with almost zero taste or smell due to the removal of all other plant compounds found in hemp.

Consistency variations in Suzie's CBD Oil.

Consistency Variations

With USDA organic, full-spectrum products the consistency and color can differ from batch to batch even within the same brand - and that is absolutely normal!

The less you interfere and process CBD the more organic material may be left behind. This does not make the product unsafe, it just means there was less interference and filtration involved!

At Suzie's, we are always striving to give your pets the best and being as transparent about our process as possible. If you ever have any questions about our products or want to see a blog post about a particular topic, please send us a message!

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