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Best Dog Friendly Bars in Denver

Denver is known for being one of the best cities to live in for pet parents. You can’t walk far in Denver without seeing dog walkers and plenty of hip, healthy dog food stores!

Another thing Denver is known for? Having more bars than you could count! This means plenty of great options to check out but it can also make it difficult to know where to start! Because of this, we’ve compiled some of the best, dog friendly bars and breweries in Denver and surrounding neighborhoods, as selected by our staff and customers!

best dog bars

Downtown Denver – Highland Park Neighborhood

Zuni St. Brewing Company

dog friendly dog bars denver co

Zuni St. Brewing Company has been a Denver favorite since it was established in March 2017. You can try plenty of beers made on-site in their 10-barrel brewhouse located just behind the taproom wall! Each of Zuni’s batches is kegged and stored on-site for fresh, delicious beer on tap!

Zuni St. has plenty to offer on your visits. Between pop-ups, trivia, daily food trucks, and live music every Wednesday and first Saturday – you’ll never be bored or hungry at Zuni!

Suzie’s knows Zuni St. brewing is a great dog friendly spot firsthand – we’ve set up our table for samples and games for pet parents there before! There is plenty of outdoor seating and staff is always on top of bringing fresh water out for visiting pups.

Oasis Brewing

denver dog friendly

Oasis Brewing loves the dogs that visit so much that they have an entire Instagram reel for them! The staff light up when they see a new four-legged visitor which is just one of the reasons Oasis is on our dog-friendly bar list.

There is something for everyone at Oasis Brewing. Relax with your pup on the gorgeous outdoor patio and grab some in-house food or food truck specials from Thursday through Saturday. You can also find several gluten-free options and Kombucha.

Don’t forget to grab a dog treat from the staff inside, too!

Downtown Denver – RiNo Neighborhood

Stem Ciders

dog bar denver co

If you've had plenty of Denver's beer and are looking to mix it up with some cider - Stem Ciders taproom is the place for you and your dog!

Opened in 2013 and located in the heart of the RiNo Art District, Stem Ciders offers craft cider and beer amidst live music and a rustic atmosphere.

You and your pets will love the spacious outdoor area with lots of seating and elbow room. This makes Stem Ciders a great place to bring a dog who is working on coming out of their shell.

Denver Beer Co.

dog friendly bar denver

Denver Beer Co. loves their pup patrons! If you bring your dog you may end up on their "Dogs of Denver" Instagram reel and you'll undoubtedly get plenty of requests for pets. Denver Beer Co. also shows their love for dogs by supporting and participating in local rescue events like The Furry Scurry (hosted by the Denver Dumb Friends League).

Located in an old car garage, Denver Beer Co.’s big doors are always open on warm days giving the brewery an open-air feel. You can hang inside in the shade or catch a seat on their patio. A huge bonus of their patio space is their misters for warm Denver days!

With good beer and good company, we can almost guarantee you and your dog will make new friends when you visit.

Lakewood Neighborhood

WestFax Brewing Company

best dog bar denver

The moment you walk up to WestFax Brewing Company on a nice day you can count on seeing plenty of dogs! WestFax Brewing, located in Lakewood, Colorado, encourages you to bring your pup to sit by your side as you enjoy one of their unique beers. Your pup will be excited to find they make their own spent grain treats for their four-legged visitors!

Art-loving owners and pups will appreciate WestFax's dedication to local artists. They dedicate their entire north wall as a gallery to showcase local Colorado art!

WestFax has plenty to enjoy with a rotation of food trucks, their own delicious beer, snacks behind the bar from local artisans, a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, and canned gluten-free beer.

Green Mountain Beer Company

dog barking denver

Green Mountain Beer Company, which opened in 2015, specializes in authentic styles of German and Belgian beer.

You and your dog are sure to enjoy Green Mountain Beer Company's dog friendly double patios where you can grab a bite from a food truck and enjoy the Colorado sunshine.

Green Mountain Beer Company offers lots of fun with trivia nights, live music, original beer, and margarita slushies!

Golden Neighborhood

The Golden Mill

dog and bar

The Golden Mill is another dog bar spot you just might run into the Suzie's crew at! The Suzie's team has set up at several of the many pet-themed markets and events The Golden Mill puts on monthly. You can check out their extensive event calendar to see the next time you can do some shopping for your pet!

Located along Clear Creek in Golden, Colorado the Golden Mill is "the backyard" of Golden, Colorado. The Golden Mill has a spacious outdoor patio, a food hall with 5 restaurants, and plenty of live music.

One of Colorado's biggest dog events is the city of Golden's Golden Retriever Festival. The Golden Mill is located just a minute or two away from Golden's downtown where the festival is held and a perfect place to have a beer after petting hundreds of Golden Retrievers!

Littleton Neighborhood

Coal Mine Ave Brewing Company

What could be better for pet owners than a brewery with a built-in dog park? Coal Mine Brewing Company in Littleton, Colorado has been all about dogs since its inception, inspired by their late rescue dog Remus.

You can safely bring your dog to this bar and dog park as they ask for registration before you come and have a canine supervisor on staff. All dogs are required to be up to date on their vaccines so they can play without worry.

Coal Mine Ave Brewing also shows their love for dogs by creating beer sold to support local rescue missions. Most recently, they sold a signature beer called, "Mission from Dog" and donated proceeds to Evergreen Animal Protective League, the organization where they adopted their inspiration, Remus.

dog brewery denver co

It's not hard to find dog friendly bars in Denver, CO. This list covered some of our personal favorite dog bars but we will always be adding to it as we find new spots! Do you have your own best dog bars in Denver list? Send it our way!

Looking for more pet-friendly places in Denver? Check out similar blogs and our retailer map!

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