Richard And suzie 

-The founder and the inspiration

Meet Richard Squire and Suzie. Richard was Suzie’s best friend and she was his. They used to climb all over the country together and were never found apart. 


After a back operation and a bout with prescription opioids, Richard found CBD to be a great help with pain and inflammation. As he shared everything with Suzie, she was next.

Suzie needed help getting up sometimes so he started giving her a CBD treat in the morning and the evening. The results were truly amazing; their walks got longer and easier for both of us!


They knew we had to make this wonder available to all people and pets in need. He was so proud to be involved with a great team dedicated to pets and producing the very best, purest products at price any pet can afford! 

Although we lost both Richard and Suzie in 2019, their legacy lives on with everything we do at Suzie's CBD Treats. 


Caleb and zoe

co-founder & President 

Meet Caleb and Zoe.  Caleb is the co-founder and president of our company.  Caleb met Richard years ago and when Richard had the idea to start Suzie's CBD Treats, he knew of just the right person to ask.  Caleb immediately dropped everything to focus on starting our company and he hasn't looked back since.  


Richard knew how valuable Caleb was, and it is safe to say that we all agree.  Caleb is wise beyond his years, innovative, intelligent, and an amazing pack leader!  He lights up a room with his energy, smiles and passion for animals no matter where he is.  


Caleb is a true Colorado kid who enjoys snowboarding, river surfing, climbing, camping, pickle balling, and hanging with his family and Zoe.


Megan, Diezel,
and Waylon


Meet Megan and her 2 pittie mixes Diezel and Waylon.  Megan is a huge advocate for animal adoption and rescue, pitbulls, and every aspect of natural and holistic healing. 


Her curious nature has encouraged her to pursue many different hobbies and careers but she has always come back to her love for animals and their wellbeing. Megan's passion is helping people to find natural products that will cultivate vitality, health, and overall wellness to insure a long prosperous life with their pets. 


Megan believes in the power of hemp/CBD, as she has seen it work its magic on her own animals, and she is always excited for the opportunity to share Suzie’s with others!


For wholesale inquires inside of Colorado, contact her at

Rachel and Ayla
Chief of Operations

Meet Rachel and Ayla.  Rachel came on board team Suzie's close to the beginning.  She originally helped us making biscuits and we realized immediately that she was a valuable asset.  She frequently took initiative to troubleshoot problems and increase efficiency. 

Rachel grew with the company and seamlessly transitioned into a position from our trusty office manager to our Manager of Operations. We like to think of Rachel as the glue that holds us together.  

She works diligently answering clients' questions, account management and truly cares so much for all of #suziessquad.    

ButterPhotoshoot-15 copy.jpeg

Kt and butter


Meet KT and Butter. KT worked in shelters, pet stores and dog boarding facilities for 10 years before joining Suzie’s at the start of 2019. Her passion for animals, industry knowledge and hands on experience with animals made her a great fit for the Suzie’s team.


KT has been a jack of all trades at Suzie’s. While she started as the office and customer service manager, her role has since transitioned to the Suzie’s to the Rescue donation manager, creative director and social media leader. You can find KT’s artwork on Suzie’s seasonal tins and sticker packs!

Alex and LUNA
Customer Care, Marketing, and Design

Meet Alex and Luna. Alex is our newest team member, and ever since they joined in 2021, they’ve fit right in!


Alex began working at Suzie’s as a customer service representative and has since expanded into several roles. From event planning, graphic design work, marketing management, and more, Alex continues to grow within the company to help out wherever they can to support their team.


Whenever Suzie’s has a new project to take on, Alex is always ready to jump on board to get things done with a smile!


Wondering what set's Suzie's apart? Watch our video to learn more about us!