Frequently asked questions about cbd

Frequently asked questions

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

CBD is the non-psychoactive compound naturally found in the hemp plant. CBD treats will not get your pet high, and it has a multitude of benefits.

Why choose Suzie's CBD Products?

We at Suzie’s CBD Treats are dedicated to offering exceptional purity in both our products and our business. We believe that offering accurate information in a transparent manner is essential. No smoke and mirrors are needed if you offer a product that you truly believe in and can stand behind knowing each and every step of its production. Our friends and partners are farmers in northern Colorado who practice organic farming and whose goal is to provide the cleanest CBD plant extract to as many people as they can. All of our products are lab tested for exact content of Cannabidiol present and to ensure low levels of THC. A tactic some companies use to advertise is to display milligrams of total cannabinoids present, which is not necessarily milligrams of active CBD. While it is true that a full spectrum of cannabinoids is beneficial, this can often just mean there is less CBD actually present than they are trying to make you believe. By no means are we saying we have the only great CBD products around, we simply encourage people to educate themselves. Exercise caution when purchasing and don’t be afraid to ask companies where their products are grown, extracted, and lab tested.

Is your product full-spectrum or isolate? What is the difference?

Our products will always be full spectrum and organic. Full spectrum products contain the full plant benefits, along with other cannabinoids, which work in synergy to make the CBD as effective as possible.
Isolate is a inferior form of CBD that has been extracted so many times, that only the CBD molecule remains. It is a crystalline white powder, and is not nearly as natural as full spectrum. These variations of CBD produced do not meet our standards of a whole plant extract grown by farmers we trust.

How is your hemp grown?

Our farm is USDA certified organic. We never use pesticides and always turn to the more natural alternative, even if it is more expensive. We use beneficial bugs as a means of pest control and in extreme situations, we resort to pruning the plant and using Neem oil.

What is your extraction method?

We extract our CBD using food grade organic ethanol. Ethanol is very efficient and safe. It is a solvent made by plants, for plants. Therefore, it is the best method at preserving the natural constituents of the plant. Our extraction is considered sustainable because we can recycle the ethanol and no residual solvents remain the final product.

How do I know your products are what they say they are?

That's a great question. There are so many unreputable companies out there so you should always ask questions. We third party lab test every batch. These tests show potency, levels of cannabinoids and residual solvents. We would never sell anything we wouldn't take ourselves. All of our ingredients come to us with a certificate of analysis and we always strive for exceptional quality and purity.

How much CBD should I give to my pet?

We recommend starting with 1 mg per 10 lbs of body weight dosage, split into an AM/PM dose. This is a conservative starting point and you may need to adjust the dose based on how their system responds. Some things that can affect dosing are age, metabolism and severity of ailment. It won't hurt your pet to give them more than that, but it's always best to start low and slow and adjust from there. You know your pet best!

How should I administer the CBD to my pet?

For quickest absorption it is best given either sublingually or along the gum line. If your pet doesn't like that method, the second best way is mixed into food or dripped onto a treat. Since our CBD is not water soluble, it won't mix into their water. Or you could try the treats. Which can easily be given daily or situationally.

Can you overdose? Did I give my pet too much!?

Don't panic, you can not overdose on CBD. The worse that will happen is that your pet may have loose stools or be extra lethargic.

When will I see results?

Depending on how severe the ailment is, you should see positive effects begin between 3-7 days. It also depends on how sensitive your pet is to CBD. Some animals require more and some require less. Many of our customers report seeing a positive change in their animal after the first dose! If don't see any noticable changes in the ailment or the behavior you are trying to treat, you may need to slowly increase your pet's dose.

Where do you make your products?

We are proud to say we are vertically integrated! That means we control the entire process, from our farm to your furrrend. We own our own farm and manufacturing facility in Colorado which ensures the product never leaves our hands until it hits the shelf!

What is the difference between the treats and the oil?

All of our products will deliver organic yummy phyto-cannibinoid rich CBD goodness to your pet! The vehicle of transportation, either biscuit or tincture, is solely up to you! The biscuits are great for ease of delivery, and the tincture is great for a more specific and controlled dose. The treats are a delicious and affordable way to try the product out to see how it works. Once you are happy with the results, most people turn to the oil. The oil is more cost effective and is great for multiple dog households, it also works quicker since it can absorb directly into their bloodstream. Also, we never recommend biscuits if you are trying to treat cancer or tumors due to the carbs and sugars from the oats and molasses.

My dog is on medications, is CBD safe to use?

There are very few known interactions with CBD and prescription medications. However, if your pet is on medications, it is always best to consult with a holistic vet prior to starting cannabis therapy. We are unable to offer medical advice, but we have a few vets on call that are happy to do consults. Check our the page about our vet under the learn tab to get their information.