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Benefits of CBD for Cats

Taking care of your cat involves much more than just feeding and grooming. If you want your cat to remain healthy and happy, introducing CBD to their daily routine could offer outstanding benefits. Not only can pet CBD products help relieve joint pain and symptoms of anxiety and depression, but they are also a great source of nutrition to keep your cat healthy and vibrant.

Suzie's Pet Treats offers high-quality CBD products designed to make your cat glow and feel revitalized. Keep reading to learn more about how CBD products can improve your cat's mental health and well-being

Suzie's Pet Treats Benefits Of CBD For Cats

Is CBD Safe for Cats?

CBD products (with FDA-regulated THC levels of 0.3% or below) are generally considered safe for pet cats. When administered correctly, CBD can potentially help alleviate various symptoms caused by stress and pain. The proper CBD dosage for your cat will depend on factors like your cat's age, weight, and individual health needs.

What are the Benefits of CBD for Cats?

There are myriad benefits of CBD for cats and other pets. Aside from promoting healthy skin and making your cat appear smooth and shiny, CBD for cats is commonly used to relieve pain and anxious behavior in cats. This helps Improve your cat's quality of life while making them feel revitalized and energetic.

CBD for Cats with Anxiety

Addressing anxiety in your pet can be a complex process; however, CBD has been shown to offer significant relief for anxiety in cats. Similarly to humans, CBD oils activate serotonin receptors responsible for enhancing mood, which helps relieve stress, thus improving your cat's mental health and overall well-being.

CBD for Cats with Joint Pain

Watching your cat suffer in pain can be a devastating experience, which is why many cat owners look to CBD as a solution. CBD can help relieve pain and discomfort caused by symptoms of many different conditions to make your cat comfortable and improve its quality of life. Suzie's Pet Treats offers high-quality CBD products designed specifically for cats. Our products are made with natural, non-GMO ingredients and contain no THC.

CBD for Cats with Seizures

If your cat experiences seizures, CBD can help reduce the intensity and frequency of seizure episodes. According to a 2018 clinical trial, 89% of dogs treated with CBD oil showed reduced episodes of seizures. CBD contains anticonvulsants and works on the endocannabinoid system to help regulate certain body functions that could trigger seizures. It inhibits TPRV1 in the hippocampus, and this prevents the occurrence of seizures.

If you are unsure about how much CBD to give to your cat or dog, visit our pet CBD dosage page to learn more.

Shop CBD for Cats Online from Suzie's Pet Treats

Do not watch your cat suffer from joint pain, seizures, or anxiety. At Suzie's Pet Treats, we offer high-quality CBD products to help improve your cat's quality of life. In addition to helping improve your cat's appetite and mood, our products address anxiety in cats so they can remain playful and vibrant.

Our products are only made from organically-grown hemp to ensure they are pure and offer much-needed solutions to your cat's unique health condition. Shop online today and get the right treatment option for your cat. You can also contact us for more information on CBD for cats.

Image Source: Elena Rozhenok/Shutterstock


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It's great to see how CBD products from Suzie's Pet Treats can offer such a wide range of benefits for cats. From relieving joint pain to addressing anxiety and seizures, it seems like there's a solution for every furry friend's needs. snake game

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