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Can You Give Your Dog Human CBD Oil?

It’s natural to want to give your pet the best of the best. This leads to customers often wondering if they can give their pets their own CBD oil instead of one made just for pets. While we understand this inclination, it’s important to know that pets should always get CBD made just for them for safety and the best results.


Pets don’t typically mind the natural flavors of CBD, especially as it is most often given in their food. However, CBD made for humans can sometimes contain flavoring to make the taste more appealing.

While this is great for pet parents, the flavoring ingredients can be a hazard to your pets. Some human oils also have elements like essential oils added to them which can be toxic to pets.

Some human oils also have elements like essential oils added to them which can be toxic to pets. This is an important reason to avoid giving human CBD oil to your pets.

Higher THC

Full-spectrum CBD always contains trace amounts of THC. The legal limit for THC in CBD products is 0.3%

Pet CBD products typically have a smaller amount than the legal limit (0.03% in Suzie’s) while human products may contain much higher amounts, closer to the legal limit.


This is the most significant reason that there is a distinction in products for pets and humans.

CBD oil created for humans is based on the amount a human would need and likely at a much higher concentration than a product made with pets in mind.

Ease of Administration

Another reason to give a pet-specific CBD product is because of how much easier it can be to dispense than one intended for humans. You want the process to be as user-friendly as possible to save both you and your pet any frustration.

Pet CBD products are easier to dispense as the specialized dosing is easier to figure out and many pet CBD products come in treat form for a familiar, fast way to dose.

Difference in Quality?

Just because your pet is not taking human CBD oil, their CBD oil can still follow rigorous purity and quality standards.

Most human and pet CBD oil are manufactured in the same fashion. This means you can know what to expect from them in production and quality. Look for products that are USDA certified, have 3rd party lab reports, and use top-quality production standards.


Another benefit to purchasing CBD made specifically for pets is that the price is going to be lower. Because pets need a lower concentration and dosage, you can find a less pricey product by choosing a pet-specific product! It is a win-win: give your pet a product made for them and add more to your wallet!

Can I Take my Pets CBD Oil?

On the other hand – humans can take their pet's CBD oil as long it is human-grade, comes from a reputable source and we recommend that it is also USDA Organic (like Suzie’s CBD Treats oil tinctures).

*While we can ensure Suzie’s CBD oil is safe for humans (we take it ourselves daily) we cannot vouch for other companies and would recommend rigorous research before taking any other brand’s oil for yourself

At the end of the day, you want to give your pet the best quality product with the most ease. This is why giving them CBD oil designed for pets is what we recommend. You will be able to use a product with the perfect amount of CBD at the perfect concentration to fir their specific needs!

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