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7 Easy Ways to Give Your Dog CBD

Using a CBD oil tincture and wondering how to easily dose your dog? We have 7 simple and fast ways to give your pup CBD oil!

(1) In Their Food

Dog eats his meal with CBD oil tincture.

Putting CBD oil into your pup’s normal food is the most popular and recommended method of easy administration.

Benefits of this method: Your pup isn’t likely to notice the new addition of CBD if it is in their normal food. It requires the least effort from pet parents to administer CBD quickly.

(2) Direct Method

Give your dog CBD oil directly into his mouth along the gumline.

If your dog doesn’t mind you can administer the CBD directly into their mouth along the gumline. However, tincture droppers are glass so only use this method if your dog isn’t likely to bite down or if you have replaced the dropper with a plastic one.

Benefits: This method is straightforward and does not require any additional items

(3) On A Familiar Treat

Pup eats his familiar treat together with CBD oil.

You can administer CBD oil onto a treat your pup is already familiar with.

Just be sure that whatever treat you choose is fatty/thick enough to hold the CBD oil!

Benefits of this method: Your dog will be excited to see a beloved, familiar treat and should take their CBD dose easily!

(4) From Your Hand

Dog licks off CBD oil directly from his owner's hand.

If your dog is trusting and not likely to bite you can put the CBD oil directly onto your hand for them to lick off. They are likely to be interested in what is on your hand

Benefits: Easy for the pet parent and creates another bonding opportunity for you and your pup.

(5) Mix with Something Tasty

Chihuahua is excited about eating tasty eggs together with CBD oil.

Mix your CBD oil in with something compatible and yummy like peanut butter or eggs!

Benefits of this method: Your dog will be excited about the tasty snack and they will get additional benefits from the food of choice (like protein and biotin).

(6) Edible Pill Capsule

American Pit Bull takes his CBD oil in an edible pill capsule.

Many companies make delicious, edible pill capsules with removable tops for pet parents to sneak CBD into!

Benefits: Quick and easy for pet parents!

(7) Making Your Own Tasty, Frozen Treats

CBD oil is hidden by the tasty treat.

We have had customers put our extra strength large dog CBD tincture into pupsicles (that's right, homemade frozen dog treats) in the past with great success!

Benefits: While this method is one that requires effort from the pet parent, the CBD will be hidden by the tasty treat and you also get an enrichment activity out of it Suzie's CBD Treats is happy to provide even more advice to pet owners via our blog. New content weekly!

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