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How to Tell if Your Dog is Depressed

If you own a dog, you must have learned its behavior and can tell when all is not well. While you would wish to see your pet healthy and lively at all times, dogs can get depressed and appear gloomy.

Curious about whether your furry friend is feeling down? We've compiled a guide to help you identify possible depression in dogs, along with the most suitable solutions to help lift their spirits. At Suzie's Pet Treats, we combine our scientific expertise with our passion for animals to offer you premium products for your furry companion.

How to Tell if Your Dog is Depressed

Can Dogs Get Depressed?

Yes, your dog can get depressed, which can adversely affect its overall health. Although dogs do not experience depression like humans, you can recognize possible signs of depression as your dog may appear dull and sad. A 2016 study revealed that dogs could get depressed and experience emotional changes for various reasons, just like humans.

Why Do Dogs Get Depressed?

Like humans, dogs experience emotional changes, which could lead to depression. These emotions may be triggered by the following:

  • Loss of a close companion, such as a companion animal or even the owner

  • Withdrawal of affection from the owner.

  • Changes in environment, such as relocating to a new house

  • Changes in the pet owner's work pattern

If you are wondering how to tell if your dog is depressed, read on to learn signs to look out for.

Signs of Depression in Dogs

Depression often affects your dog's mood, making them appear dull or sad. Here's how to tell if your dog is depressed:

  • Reduced playfulness

  • Lack of appetite

  • Withdrawal from the owner or other companion animals

  • Abnormal sleeping patterns, including sleeping more than usual

  • Aggressive behavior that wasn't observed before

  • Being more clingy

  • Appearing dull or lethargic

Visiting a veterinarian or pet expert will help determine if your dog is depressed. At Suzie's, we truly care about your pets and their well-being, which is why we strive to offer the best pet CBD products to help relieve dog depression symptoms like these.

How to Help a Depressed Dog

As a dog owner, you want a vibrant pet that's also healthy and strong. While dogs tend to bounce back after a few days or a couple of weeks, there are various ways to help a depressed dog. It is important to collaborate with pet experts to help address your pet's unique problem.

In addition to keeping your dog engaged and taking them out for some exercises, quality CBD pet products can help boost your dog's health and revive its mood.

Our CBD products for dogs are USDA-certified and relieve various symptoms affecting your pet's well-being and mood. Whether your dog is depressed or lethargic, CBD products may help improve your dog's physical and mental health.

Get your CBD Pet Products at Suzie's Pet Treats

Helping a depressed dog doesn't have to be stressful anymore, thanks to an incredible variety of high-quality CBD products available online.

At Suzie's Pet Treats, pets are at the core of our hearts. We use organically-grown hemp to make high-quality CBD pet products that revitalize your pet while offering relief from various symptoms. Our products are made to help improve your pet's health and enhance their emotions as well. If you suspect your dog is depressed, shop our pet CBD products online or contact us to discuss the best treatment option to help reenergize your pet.

Image Source: Chendongshan/Shutterstock


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