Keeping Your Pet Calm While You're on Vacation


Regardless of who is watching your pet while you’re gone, you should have a few things prepared before you leave.

Be sure you have your emergency/vet contact info, enriching toys, and CBD on hand.

You may even want to leave your pet with some comfort items like their favorite blanket/bed and some of your clothes to sleep with!

Using a Sitter

Whether your sitter is someone your pet is familiar with or a new face, there are certain steps you can take to help your pet in your absence!

Be sure your sitter knows your pet’s routine, CBD included, to provide them as much normalcy as possible.

If your pet isn’t familiar with your sitter, try to see if you can have a meet-up before your trip. Give your pet CBD before this meeting so they have the most calm and positive experience possible!

Using a Boarding Facility

Pets can become stressed from the new environment of even the best boarding facility! CBD can help alleviate stress and anxiety and can lead to a more calm, peaceful boarding experience for both the dogs and the employees.

Be sure to leave detailed information for the boarding staff so they know how much CBD to administer and when to provide it. While your pet can’t overdose on CBD, giving less than they are used to may interfere with them getting the maximum benefits from their CBD.

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