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How Can You Keep your Pet Safe This Winter?

A dog is running through deep snow.

Skin Health

The dry, cold winter air depletes moisture in the skin. This can cause cracking and even bleeding in your pet’s paw pads and nose. Additionally, ice, snow, and salt on winter walks can cause irritation.


Be sure to wash your pet’s feet after they come inside to remove any extra snow, ice, or salt that may be hiding.

A salve like Suzie’s CBD Salve containing soothing, organic ingredients can relieve, heal and protect dry and painful skin.

Boston Terrier is wearing a sweater to keep him warm..

Muscle Soreness/Stiffness

The cold temperatures can restrict blood flow and cause stiff and sore muscles as well as inflamed joints.

Tips: Give your pet regular exercise to keep joints lubricated and to retain muscle mass. Be sure to keep them properly warm with a jacket if necessary to keep them warm. This is true of horses as well, keep them bundled up too.

Using CBD can provide relief from pain and soreness to allow your pet to stay mobile and out of discomfort!

Huskies enjoy running on snow and a fresh breeze.

Seasonal Allergies

Winter allergies create inflammation in the throat and sinuses, cause skin issues and general discomfort. These allergens can be airborne or the product of more time indoors during the colder months.


You can reduce allergens by using an air purifier, washing your pet's bedding regularly, and dusting regularly.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can reduce allergy symptoms and relieve discomfort they may cause.

Black dog enjoys playing with snow.

Keep them Close

Be sure to watch the weather to keep your pet warm and safe. More pets get lost in winter than any other season because snowfall can disguise scents that would normally help them find their way home.


Always use a leash and have identification information on your pet when walking in the winter months.

Ideally, all pets should live inside. If your pets live outdoors primarily, bring them indoors during low temperatures. For the rest of the winter, provide them with a dry, draft-free shelter to keep them warm.

Keep reading Suzie's Pet Owner Blog for more tips and ideas on keeping dogs and other pets in top form through out the year.

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