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How to Reduce Separation Anxiety in Pets Using CBD

Veterinary studies have found that up to 40% of behavioral issues are related to separation anxiety. CBD, along with other tools, is a great option for keeping your pet feeling safe and calm while you are away!

CBD’s Effect

Pets have receptors in their nervous systems, organs, and brains that naturally release Endocannabinoid chemicals to stabilize mood. CBD Oil can interact with this system as a supplement, increasing levels of serotonin in the brain and calming the pet, and making them feel safe.

CBD oil in a bottle with dropper.

Recommended Products

If your pet will only be left alone occasionally Suzie’s CBD Treats or Suzie’s Goes Nuts Peanut Butter are great options. However, for more frequent use we recommend our CBD oil tinctures to provide a more cost-effective, long-lasting option.


We recommend you administer CBD 30-40 minutes before you leave your pet alone. This will allow ample time for them to feel calm before you have to go out the door.

Black dog feeling safe and comfortable in his bed with his toys and food after taking CBD Drops.

Create a Safe Space

In addition to administering CBD, it is important for your pet to have a safe space to occupy while you are gone. Set this space up with toys and comfort items and be sure to allow them time while you are at home as well for a more positive association.

Exercise and Enrichment

Other key tools for reducing separation anxiety are exercise and enrichment. Mental and physical stimulation are key for reducing anxiety. Try to exercise your pet before you leave and provide them with mentally stimulating toys while you are away.

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