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How Can you Reduce your Pet's Holiday Stress?

Think you’re the only one who gets stressed out with the hustle and bustle of the holidays? Your pet picks up on your stress and can experience anxiety from the disruptions of routine the holiday season can cause, just the same as you. We will cover how to keep them stress-free through holiday travel, boarding and celebrations, and more!

Dogs feelin relaxed and having stress-free holidays thanks to CBD treats.


Try to keep a regular routine to reduce stress. Whether during a long road trip or at a relative’s home, your pet will appreciate eating their meals and taking their usual walk at the same time.

Make sure to plan for extra time when traveling with your pet. This will allow for extra breaks and to help keep both you and your pet calm! Your dog may even enjoy attending a winter or fall event with you. Check out our post on fun events you can bring your dog to.

If you are traveling with your pet you may wonder - which CBD product is the best for traveling? We recommend the easy-to-carry 4MG CBD Treats or CBD soft chews for on-the-go use!

Border Collie feels better and stress-free taking CBD soft chews.


Providing your pet with things that look and smell like their home can drastically help relieve their stress. This can include your pet’s favorite toys, blankets, and even an item that smells like you!

If you are providing the boarding staff with CBD, supplements or medications make sure to leave detailed instructions on how to administer them.

Black dog is upset during holidays because a house is full of new people.

Celebrations and Guests

If your pet would enjoy meeting new people just be sure to ask them to start slowly and gently with their introductions! If your pet is a dog make sure your guests know how to approach them safely. If your pet is a cat make sure they allow the cat to come to them!

If your pet is not a fan of new guests in the home, make sure they have their own quiet space to retreat to—complete with fresh water and a place to snuggle.

Dog feeling stress and discomfort during holidays.


CBD is a great natural tool for safe use and along with the others we’ll provide, it is a great method for keeping your pet feeling safe and calm during the holiday season.

Be sure to give your pet CBD at least 30-60 minutes before any stressful event to ensure it has enough time for the effects to set in.

If you are giving CBD situationally and not on a frequent basis, keep in mind that you will want to give a larger dose than what is recommended for daily use. This is due to CBD being more effective (therefore needing less) when given frequently.


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