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How Does Suzie's Give Back?

Calico cat looking through bars on her cage.

Suzie’s to the Rescue Program

The Suzie’s to the Rescue program donates bulk supplies of Suzie’s products to shelters and rescue programs in every state across the US!

These donations aim to help rescued pets feel calm enough that they get through any medical procedures or transportation during their wait to be adopted.

Suzie’s CBD products also help to reduce anxiety so that potential adopters can see the true personalities of the animals without nerves obscuring their normal behavior.

Brown dog feeling calm and relaxed after taking a CBD treat.

10% Back

Suzie’s gives back 10% of profits to shelters and rescue programs.

Being able to provide both product and monetary donations allows shelter and rescue programs to have the freedom to use our donations to serve them best!

Little kitten holding tightly to a hand.

Foster Networks

Foster networks are an incredibly important way to create room at shelters and get pets into a home environment!

Suzie’s provides discounts and wholesale prices for foster networks so that they can access and distribute CBD to their fosters with ease.

Foster families having access to affordable and accessible CBD allows them to help new pets adjust and begin any necessary training. We have a blog post on tips for training a dog for even more resources.

Suzie's CBD Hearts | 4mg of organic CBD per heart | Original

Take-Home Bags

Suzie’s provides samples for take-home bags for families adopting a new pet. This way, their new addition can have an easier transition into their home!

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1 Comment

Connie Mahood
Connie Mahood
Dec 17, 2021

I adopted my pup from a local shelter a few months ago. When I first brought her home she had such horrible separation anxiety that she would pace and howl non-stop when left home alone. I didn't think I would be able to adopt her. The shelter provided me with a large supply of Suzie's treats, which made a tremendous difference and allowed my girl to relax and adjust to her new home. Thank you for supporting shelters and the animals they are working so hard to find homes for. Your products led to a successful adoption that I am very thankful for.

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