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Welcome to Suzie’s: Created by and for Animal Lovers

Richard Squire and his Queensland heeler mix named Suzie at home.

Who we are here at Suzie’s is inseparable from the story of our origin. It began with a relationship of mutual love, understanding, and commitment between founder Richard and his Queensland heeler mix named Suzie. Richard and Suzie traveled across the country for many years climbing together until a back surgery left Richard in debilitating pain. Luckily, someone persuaded him to turn from opioids to CBD for pain management. Because of the immense relief, Richard felt it was only natural he shared CBD with the dog he shared everything with. Suzie became renewed by CBD and it inspired the goal to help others in the same way.

The belief that if it isn't good enough for us then it isn’t good enough for our pets is still central here at Suzie’s. We are a human grade, USDA organic, employee-owned CBD company. Our farm was the first USDA certified organic hemp farm in the country. We stand out in a saturated market as we are one of the few CBD manufacturers that are vertically integrated. This means we oversee every step of the process and we are proud to be entirely transparent. Every batch comes with lab tests and we encourage our customers to tour our farm and warehouse!

Another way we honor Suzie is through supporting rescue animals waiting for their own Richards. Rescue animals have a greater likelihood of getting and staying in homes with the help of CBD to reduce manifestations of shelter stress. Because of this, Suzie’s partners with rescues to provide CBD treats for both the animal’s stay in the shelter and for the transition period in their new home. Additionally, we support adoptable animals by giving 10% of our profits and 100% of swag sales back to local shelters.

All that we aim to do with Suzie’s CBD Treats doesn’t exist without the support of our customers. When you choose Suzie’s, you are choosing to become a part of our family. We hope to work together to create the most full, beautiful lives for the animals we love. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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Me gusta

I already love Suzie's but this just made me love it even more. Excited to read more.

Me gusta

I have been waiting for a Suzie's blog! I love this, keep it up

Me gusta

Absolutely loving your blog!! Thank you for sharing. Can't wait for more!

Me gusta
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