Why CBD Doesn't Get Your Pet "High"

Many associate CBD with marijuana and wonder if it will their pet “high”. When you look closer, you can see that hemp, which CBD comes from, is a much different plant! You'll also find that many people tend to lump CBD and THC together. However, the two create very different reactions!

Hemp Vs. Marijuana Plants


  • Tall shoots that grow up to 15 ft.

  • Cultivated for its stocks and seeds

  • Grows with a very minimal THC content


  • Grows low & in a bush pattern

  • Harvest for its leaves and flowers

  • Selectively bred for a high THC content

The Cause of a “High”

The feeling of being “high” is the result of the body’s reward system being activated. THC, found in high amounts in the marijuana plant, is an activator of these receptors.

Hemp does not have the high THC content of marijuana plants, so it does not activate these receptors. In fact, clinical research shows that CBD can counter act the effects of THC!

So How Does CBD Calm Your Pet?

CBD binds to serotonin receptors in the brain. This creates a sense of well-being and safety that creates a sense of well-being and safety that creates the calm you see in your pet.

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