When our 17 year old dog Paco starting having seizures.  We were so happy to find Suzie's.  Since giving him a biscuit everyday, he hasn't had another seizure, and he has been as perky as ever.  Suzie's is now a household staple for our furry family.  


I freaked out when my bulldog Ned started having head seizures and I immediately found Suzie's. They were nice enough to send us some and while we were waiting on the package he had some seizures Since his first dose he hasn't had ANY head tremors. Plus, it helps to calm his separation anxiety and give me peace of mind when we leave him. We love Suzie's!!!


Finding treats that our Pitbull Indica can have due to her long list of food allergies is a major challenge. When we came across Suzie's and saw their ingredient list, we were sold right away. Not only can she have the treats on her very limited diet, but the CBD helps keep her calm when her allergies act up. When our 17 year old dog started having seizures we were so happy to have Suzie's treats already on hand. Since giving him a biscuit from Suzie's everyday, he hasn't had another seizure and he's perky as ever. Suzie's is now a household staple for our furry family!


Kinzie has Epidemic Tremors. With Suzie's she has straightened her wonky posture and stopped convulsing !