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Sky & Anxiety

"I can’t recommend Suzie’s enough! It’s made such a huge difference in Sky’s anxiety as we continue to train. Stella has also started getting really nervous when we get thunderstorms so she gets 1000mg CBD and a CBD treats. CBD also helps keep them calm for nail dremeling, teeth cleaning, and baths! The peanut butter is one of their all time favorite snacks! I love mixing it up in their kongs and then freezing it for a yummy, busy treat. Thank you Suzie’s for helping our girls so much!" - @skyfrenchfry

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Indie & Her Injury

“Suzie’s has been a staple in our family for a long time. We use the oil and the treats for many situations such as anxiety from adopting, moving, and traveling. But most importantly, healing Indie’s leg after she thought she was one with a herd of antelope and severely injured her back leg. After using Suzie’s oil and much needed down time, she is fully recovered and putting full weight on her leg. Thank you Suzie’s for being such a quality product. Thanks to you we are back out there adventuring!” - @onerubyroad

Juno & Arthritis

“Suzie’s CBD helps my dog Juno who has an auto-immune disease. She has trouble getting up and the tincture relieves her discomfort. Juno is now 13 years old who also has arthritis and the CBD is a great additon to her daily regimen. We’ve tried a different brand but it doesn’t compare to Suzie’s. Thank you!”

- Juno and her mom, Mina G

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Penni & Her Scars

“This has been our nightly ritual! I spend about 15 minutes rubbing Suzie’s topical CBD Salve into every scar. I had never used this product until the attack, but - WOW - this stuff has been amazing! The scars look soooo much better, and the scar tissue under the skin is certainly lessening in severity.” - @pennidog

Lida Rose & Old Age

“Even magical unicorns need some help with the aches and pains of old age. My mom and I love these cookies from Suzie’s! They are helping me feel better and they are delicious!” - @lida_rose_and_her_mom

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Genevieve & Keeping Calm

"After mom adopted two new, very large puppies, my anxiety has been through the roof! Taking Suzie's helps me stay calm amongst the chaos of my two new brothers. I even calm down enough to let mom cuddle me (I know I'm still her favorite)"

- Genevieve and her mom, Olivia

Gertie & Sleep

“Night times are the hardest for Gertie, she seems to get a bit of dementia or sundowners sydrome and she wakes up at 1 am and just paces the house. I wake up take her outside for a potty and giver one of these soft chews... She paces for a few more minutes then settles down and will sleep the night away. It’s really major for me- I went from waking up every hour on the hour with her to just once a night!” - @bubbas__crew

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Malibu & Medications

“We are not ones for poppinig pills if we can find alternatives for Malibu. There are some situations we don’t have a choice, however, instead of perscribed pain meds, we opted for Suzie’s CBD oil to ease the pain. It’s helped sooo much! It got Mu through a few restless nights helping her to sleep, eased the discomfort, its a great antioxidant, and benefits her overall health while healing.”

- @malibusmama

Par, Herve, & Happiness

“After seeing such wonderful results with our pups, we decided to give our geriatric equines some help for arthritis, temperament and general wellness as well. Par and Herve are both retired show jumpers and after the first week of using Suzie’s CBD Nibbles, our boys are in love with these delicious and nurtritous treats. Thank you #SuziesSquad for making such high - quality products and caring for our loved ones as much as we do!” - @carcart72

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Georgia & General Wellness

“We love, trust, and swear by all Suzie’s products and incorporate them in G’s diet for their multitude of health benifits like boosting immunity, decreasing anxiety, moisturizing skin, alleviating stiff/sore muscles, and overall allergy relief. The peanut butter is great for administering medication or lick mats and the salve is a must in our first-aid kit for cuts, abrasions, sore/blistered paws, insect bites and more!” - @cuuurious_georgia

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