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What are Natural Remedies for Dogs in Pain?

Updated: Jan 12

When a pet is in pain, pet parents want the maximum amount of available options for relief. Depending on your preference and your dog's pain experience, you may want natural or traditional NSAID products - or a bit of both!

Natural options and NSAID options are both available and effective in inflammation and pain relief. Because of this, we will introduce several natural options to utilize and some comparisons between natural and NSAID remedies. We will consider effectiveness, side effects, benefits, and environmental impact to help you choose the best options for your dog!

We want to make it clear that sometimes NSAIDs are the best option for your dog under your vet's guidance! This blog post aims to compare natural options to NSAIDs for those wondering why they would incorporate or switch to them, but it does not aim to discourage from NSAID use altogether!