CBD For Pet Pain & Arthritis

Miley has back pain, leg pain, and separation anxiety.  Since giving her Suzie's CBD she went from acting like an old dog, to a puppy again.  She runs and plays with her sisters with a smile on her face.  I haven't seen her this happy in years.  Her pain and anxiety is now in the past. 

-Mimi Porter

I can say, without a doubt, this product is effective. My horse has some anxiety and a lot of arthritis. Our ride after only one treat was noticeably better and now after giving him two treats a day, I believe he is happier. 


When I was injured, I refused to take my pain pills, I kept coughing them back up. Mom was worried that I would be in pain and not heal as quickly as I potentially could if I was calm and relaxed, so she started giving me CBD oil and a biscuit every day. This helped me to relax and get some much needed rest, ensuring quick healing. Suzie's played a big part in helping me heal quickly so I could get back to cuddling and playing with my brothers! So I would like to give a big shout out and thank you to everyone at Suzie's and everything that they do.

Ginger S. -Littleton, CO

I have 2 Bearded Collies, both are rescue dogs.  Tucker came from Minnesota where he was chained out year round.  The arthritis was so bad you could hear his bones grinding when he tried to get up. We've had AMAZING RESULTS !!! The other one has large lumps and they were hard as a rock, but not now!  I started on the 250mg and am now using the 500mg.  Thank you for letting our boys have a better time in life.  We can’t keep them forever but we can make their lives better, and you did that.

RIleys Dog.jpeg

Wesley gets one Suzie's biscuit a day.  It primarily helps him with his arthritis when he is in pain in the morning.  After 30 minutes, he is ready to start his day pain free.  It has also provided so many other benefits.  I have noticed a huge difference in his anxiety levels and he barely gets allergic reactions now.  He can now roll around in the grass like a maniac, and not end up with rashes all over his tummy.  We LOVE Suzie's because they genuinely care about their customers and are so willing to help out.  Their CBD is amazing quality and their customer service is unmatched. 

Wesley the nug.JPG

Lola has trouble making  it down the stairs in the morning without being in pain.  She will not bear weight on her back leg due to prior injuries.  After using Suzie's before bed, she was able to make it down the stairs in the morning with no trouble.  She is doing much better.  She gets extra strength oil every day, and within a few doses she's able to walk on her bum leg. 

-The Herbert Family

This is Boo-Boo (8yrs) and Jase (5yrs). Boo has had issues with her hind legs for years. No one told us that due to the fast rate of growth to not walk, run or over exert them. Well miss Boo-Boo has been on more 14,000 ‘s than most people. Because of this , she has pain while trying to get up. Jase being as big as he is will start to get issues with his hips the older he gets. My sister-in-law brought me Susie’s CBD dog treats to try. They have worked wonders! Boo doesn’t whine when getting up from her bed anymore! I look forward to the improvements on her and Jase’s behalf thanks to Suzie’s CBD treats! Thank you!

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